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Parameter balancing for kinetic metabolic models

Parameter balancing is a computational method for obtaining consistent parameter sets for kinetic metabolic models. Experimentally measured values, when inserted into models directly, would be likely to yield incomplete and inconsistent parameter sets. Balanced parameter sets, computed from measured kinetic constants and other experimental data, respect constraints between biochemical quantities and assumptions about typical ranges, represented by prior values and bounds.

On this website, users can apply parameter balancing to their own metabolic models. Aside from the metabolic model itself (in SBML or SBtab format), users can upload additional SBtab files describing measured kinetic and other data, prior distributions for different types of kinetic parameters, and configuration options for the balancing process. The balanced parameter set, and the model with rate laws and model parameters inserted, can be downloaded in SBtab and SBML format.

To get acquainted with parameter balancing, please read the documentation page and the manual.